Sponsor: CENDIO

Robert Henschel is Director of Research Software and Solutions at Indiana University. He is responsible for providing advanced scientific applications to researchers at Indiana University and national partners as well as providing support for computational research to the IU School of Medicine. He has a strong commitment to broadening access to HPC systems and shortening time to science for as many research teams as possible. Henschel serves as the chair of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) High Performance Group and in this role leads the development of production quality benchmarks for HPC systems. He also serves as the treasurer of the OpenACC organization. Henschel has a deep background in High Performance Computing and his research interests focus on performance analysis of parallel applications.

Topic: Research Desktop - A Remote Desktop for Computational and Storage Intensive Research

Indiana University has long provided high performance computing (HPC) resources free of charge to all it's students, faculty, and staff. This has allowed research teams from very diverse science disciplines to explore high performance computing. Over the last 5 years, we noticed that new users struggle more and more with adopting the traditional way of using HPC systems, console based remote batch processing. To address this challenge, Indiana University has created the Research Desktop (RED), a remote Linux desktop offering that bridges the gap between running interactive graphical applications and utilizing HPC systems. In this talk, Robert Henschel, Director of Research Software and Solutions at Indiana University, will outline the history of RED, its design considerations, utilization statistics, and future plans.