Graduated (1981), master's (1984) and doctorate (1988) in physics from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. She is member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) and serves as a full professor from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and director of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. She has experience in Physics, with an emphasis on Condensed Matter Physics, working mainly in water. For the study of water anomalies, she was awarded in 2013 the Loreal-Unesco Award for Women in Physical Sciences.

In parallel, she works on gender issues and in 2002 she co-organized the IUPAP First International Conference in Women in Physics. For supporting women in science she won the American Physical Society's Nicholson Medal in 2009. For her post-graduate work, she won the Anisio Teixeira da Capes Award in 2016 and for her work in favor of science, in 2018 she received the Medal of Scientific Merit as a commendator from the presidency of the republic. In 2020 she was recognized by UN-Women as one the seven women scientists who have shaped our world.

Topic: Women in science and technology: the inconvenient truth

Women are underrepresented in the fields of exact sciences, technology, and mathematics at all levels of the career. Also, the percentage of women decreases at each level when women advance in professional life.

In this talk we present evidence showing these phenomena, we demonstrate the participation of a more diverse group of people leads to a more efficient system, identify the obstacles for women in science and technology and identify positive measures of equity.